These days, the majority of online retailers get about 20-30% of their traffic from the overseas market. However, generally speaking this international traffic usually attracts fewer purchases than customers who access the site from the business’s country of production.

There are reasons for these lower conversion rates and they are mostly related to the fact that despite the content being localised for the targeted markets abroad optimisation hasn’t taken place beforehand. This can mean a lot of high value traffic and the sales potential that goes with it from overseas markets.

Optimising a website is a little more than just simply translating but it involves other details that optimise the user’s experience so that the content really feels it’s in the native language of the user.

This includes:

  • Converting product prices into the potential buyer’s currency.
  • Converting sizes, such as shoes and clothing.
  • Calculating taxes such as adding VAT if the product is aimed at the UK market but the business is in Argentina.
  • Having an international shipping calculation available which is easy to use.
    By doing the above optimisation, overseas businesses compete more favourably with local businesses.

Localisation Technology Is Waiting For You

If you think that localisation and optimisation is a little too difficult for you there are some online solutions available that shorten significantly the time it takes to get a fully localised and optimised website. Once your human translator has translated your content you can automate the information so that when product specifications and prices change they automatically get updated by the tools on your website. There are tools available online that can do that for you.

Higher Conversion Rates Will Be The Outcome

Once your site has been updated your customers from overseas who have seen your domestic website will recognise it as being the same business when the site has been localised and optimised for their market. They will instantly recognise it and will be far more eager to purchase than from your domestic website.

You will save a lot of cash if you recreate your domestic store using online optimisation and localisation tools to suit different overseas markets rather than creating a completely new online store from scratch for each of the different overseas markets.
Your current store theme won’t be lost but will be replicated to serve your international markets in a consistent manner.

Published On: November 16th, 2020 / Categories: Blog /

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