Most human translators aren’t opposed to technology and what it can do. They think that when it comes to the value of human v/s machine translation that they work together to achieve the best translation. However, to give a computer the full responsibility of translating a text as yet, the outcome is nowhere near as good. Machine translators translate words and are sometimes found on websites.

However, simply translating all the words into another language with correct grammar and spelling is not holistic translation. Real communication is not just made up of words. Real communication, and in the case of a translation, real translation demands that the speaker or writer’s original ideas and thoughts are presented in such a way that the reader and listener gain an understand of both the context, emotions, ideas and meaning embedded in the words not just the standalone words.

Human translators bring the translation into its correct context

A human translator has a far better chance of putting a translation into the right context through using the right words that fit this context. Often when a word needs to be translated there are many possible substitutes for the word but there is often just one that fits the context of the translation perfectly. At this stage of computer initiated translations there is no evidence to suggest that a machine translator would ever choose the word that fits perfectly. An example of some text that has been translated using computer translation is as follows:

“In the province of Buenos Aires they exist around 150 helmets of stay with lodging capacity. Of modest to luxurious, all offer varied alternative for all the tastes and budgets. It is possible to be enjoyed an only day of field or one more estadía prolonged. ”

You can get the general gist of the message conveyed but there are a few places where complete understanding is almost impossible. This example shows the shortfalls when it comes to human v/s machine translation exercise. You wouldn’t want to use a machine translating tool like this if legal, medical or product information and their marketing documents are subject to a machine translation.

Published On: November 16th, 2020 / Categories: Blog /

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