Translation has become an essential part of many business operations. They allow business to communicate with other businesses, organisations and government agencies overseas as well as reach potential markets, both international and within their own borders. Here two specific reasons why professional translation services might be used are discussed.

International E-Commerce 

The almost global access to the internet by the world’s population and the ready availability of devices that allow individuals to access the web means that international e-commerce has skyrocketed. By the end of last year (2016) the percentage of people in the U.S. alone who had used e-commerce websites to purchase something from an overseas location had reached nearly 60%. In some countries, the figure is even higher, especially where the retail distribution and sale of locally available products appear to be controlled by profit margins that are viewed as unreasonably high.

The use of professional translation services is directed at converting e-commerce websites so that they can be used by as wide a range of global customers as possible. All the research into e-commerce shows conclusively that consumers prefer to view websites that are in their own language and will not bother to use websites that are in a secondary language, even if they understand that language. Thus is certainly a lesson for e-commerce businesses that still only operate in English.

Legal Document Translation

International litigation is highly specialised and requires utmost competency from professional translation services that employ legal translators as part of their team. Legal document translation used in international litigation requires a level of preciseness that is not necessary in marketing translation. It also involves a need for translators who have a working knowledge of the law and the relevant legal terminology. Legal documents for international litigation may need to be prepared in multiple courts in different countries.

Patent applications are other relatively common legal documents which need t be filed from time to time when a product is sold in another country. Patent filing translation again requires a high level of competency from the chosen professional translation services. Patent applications within your own national borders are complex enough, but when they are done anywhere else, there is a need for familiarity with the patent laws of that country together with all the special legal terminology that goes with it.

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