It is nothing new that websites which have succumbed to machine translations go unrecognized by the search engines, even if Google Translate is used. This is because the search engines seek out websites that have been written directly by humans, not by machines.

One wouldn’t have thought that search engines like Google would bother with worrying about who or what translated a website, but clearly it does. This is because the quality of online translators is poor and this isn’t considered good enough for even e-commerce websites which dominate the internet. A poorly translated website is not only disregarded by search engines but it doesn’t attract customers either. This is not what the search engines want so if there is proof you have used an online translation tool and the translated text hasn’t been reviewed by a human you can expect your website to become completely submerged and invisible to internet users.

Your website has to offer value

Your website content should be both engaging and informative. Some of the pages on your website may be offering the information that the visitor was trying to find. The visitor may stay a while just to absorb and reread the information you have provided. Any machine translated website may simply not offer any quality content and the visitor will barely spend a moment just reading. Poorly translated websites aren’t welcomed by either search engines or independent visitors. After all if you haven’t gone to the trouble of getting a proper human translator from a reputable professional translation services provider you can’t expect a visitor to your site to have any confidence in the product you want to sell.

SEO strategy in a foreign language

Keywords are often used by website providers, but this doesn’t mean all words, even ones in your own language, are necessarily compatible with the way words they are typically. For example, the word “sneakers” is the word for a sports shoe used in the United States but in Britain the word “trainers” is the word normally used. If you translate your website into U.S. English and you don’t use the right terms in British English you can’t expect British visitors to access your website as it won’t turn up in their search results. Professional translation services will check through carefully to find the right terms for the countries and languages you want to target. The Google Translate tool won’t have enough inputted information at its fingertips to do this.

If you are serious and you don’t want to mess up your website avoid online translation tools like Google Translate and go for the quality provided by professional translation services, you will never look back.

Published On: November 16th, 2020 / Categories: Blog /

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