Today with the availability of a translation app it’s possible to order translation on line from your smart phone.  There is an app called One-on-One that offers you the chance to hire your own personal translator. It’s just perfect for those situations when you require a translator, or even an interpreter, at short notice. You may be stuck in a situation overseas when a document like a birth or marriage certificate can’t be understood by the recipient and you need to get a quick translation completed.  You may even be at a business meeting and you forgot to translate a key document like a patent or contract for a key employee. This is the time to quickly upload it using a translation app.nother app is called the “Stepes mobile translator” and can be found on Android and iOS platforms. You are able to order translation and monitor its progress. The translations can be paid for online too using the app. The Stepes is a real time sharing translation app which allows the user to make a recording of a message in a foreign language or in their native language. This saves you all the worry of using something like Google Translate which at times fails to be accurate enough for complete understanding.

The benefits of using a translation app include:

● Quick turnaround

● Accepts digital content

● High quality translators available in many languages

● Live Human Translations available.

translator app is becoming so important that even Microsoft has recently included updates to its app which allows offline translations. That means even smart phones when not connected to data or Wi-Fi can make use of the translator app functions in order to translate any much needed content.

As technology progresses still further the offline translation capability is most likely to become the standard means of translating through mobile phones.  For translators the concept of being mobile allows professional translators to translate anywhere. Before these mobile translation tools became available the concept of being truly mobile for a translator was just about impossible.

Published On: November 16th, 2020 / Categories: Blog /

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