It’s been a decade or more since social media has been actively used as a marketing tool. These days, businesses can’t afford not to use such media as Twitter and Facebook to advertise their products. A difficulty has started to arise as marketers only try to focus on reaching out to their local audience and not a global one.

Statistics back in 2014 revealed that a massive 70.5 million Brazilians were registered on Facebook, with 60.3 million registered in Indonesia. 26.5 million people have followed the trend in Japan, while there are 22 million based in Germany and France. At the same time, the top 10 Twitter users were in Kuwait, Chile, the Netherlands and Sweden. That’s a huge swathe of potential customers globally that could be targeted through the use of international marketing and social media channels.

There are also other active channels like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube, that could be considered in marketing initiatives too. Some of the most successful brands have already got their act together and used the popularity of social networking in order to boost their brand and expand their ecommerce business at the same time.

Advantages of social media as an international marketing strategy

Social media offers an easy to access platform in order to showcase brands to global audiences. While your business expands your social media presence should become more active. You will need the help of professional translation services in order to translate your social media presence for those that don’t speak the language of your business.

With more than 20 million users, the biggest social network in South America is Sonico, which it claims are all genuine. In Russia, Vkontakte boasts more popularity than Facebook and in China combined with Russia there are more than 500 million users. Yonja, stands out as the largest social networker in Turkey, Japan has Mixi, Spain has Tuenti, and Poland has GoldenLine.

If you are considering stretching your business to overseas markets and you want to use social media to harvest the global audience there is nothing preventing you from doing that. You will need the help of professional translation services to help to create accounts in the right language on the social networks that are most relevant. There is no real rush as social media seems to be here to stay and there are many great professional translation services to choose from.

Published On: November 16th, 2020 / Categories: Blog /

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