Summer is just about the perfect time to fall in love and it’s the best time to learn one of the five most romantic love languages. So what are the languages of love?

The Most Romantic Languages in the world:

1. One of the different love languages is Spanish and it also happens to be one of the world’s most spoken languages. The reason why Spanish tops the ranking of being the most important of languages of love is because it’s thought to be both passionate and sensual when spoken.

Spanish has soft consonants and long vowels when compared to the Germanic and Slavic languages so the words flow better when they are spoken. It’s much easier to create Spanish rhymes so it’s the perfect language for music and poetry. Because it comes from Latin, Spanish has built up a long history of poetry, music, culture and art which contributes to its romantic reputation as one of the five love languages.

2. French also originated from Latin as one of the different love languages. Often considered to be the most romantic language in the world, French is also a romance language that originated from Latin. Because the consonants and vowels are distributed well in French, this helps the words to flow better together. French builds upon many centuries of poetry, music, culture and art that contribute so much to romance as one of the languages of love.

3. Italian comes third out of the five love languages of the world and its the lilting and rhythmic words that give it that romantic touch. Because it evolved from Latin, Italian has an extensive history of romantic poetry, opera and pros. It’s rhythmic consonants and vowels contribute to its obvious lilting sound which makes the language sing as one of the languages of love.

4. Portuguese can’t be forgotten, as the fourth out of the five love languages spoken mostly in Portugal and Brazil. It has an expressive and melodic intonation with drdrawn-outowels and drawn-out vowels which makes it so suitable for vocal and rhythmic music like fado, samba, marrabenta and bossa nova. Portuguese uses a particularly wide range of vowel soundings that permit an unrestricted flow of air that’s just perfect for singing, and there are no really tricky consonants to obstruct its flow. Portuguese expresses love in different languages as Eu te amo which can be heard in the Cape Verde Islands, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau and São Tomé.

5. Japanese is the fifth out of five love languages, It has a light, lyrical and quite enchanting sound which gives it its status as one of the world’s different love languages.

These are only some of the most romantic languages of the world which are based on their own linguistic features which have brought about their reputation as romantic languages of love. If you looking for online translation visit X2Y Translations

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