These days, it is easy to just go online with the text you want translated and paste it into a tool like Google Translate. You could also use a dictionary to help translate the words and sentences. That’s fine just to get the general gist of what the text is saying, but if accuracy is what you need, a human translator experienced in your subject matter is far more important. These are called subject matter experts or SMEs.

It’s possible to find SMEs in all the different industries such as medicine, engineering, healthcare, manufacturing, legal, information technology as well as such areas as the education and immigration sectors.

SMEs have usually accumulated years of education and at some time or another will have gone through a translator’s training course to enhance their skills. All will be skilled in their own language as well as one other.

The SME will have a full understanding of the text so that an accurate translation can be made of it that suits the audience of the translated text. The skills of an SME go far beyond the average translator, as he or she will understand not just the subject matter but any nuances or ambiguities that are often prevalent in the industry that they have decided to become an SME for. The superior skills of an SME always beat the accuracy of an online translator or a dictionary.

One good example of an SME’s skills is for a technical translation and even a single type of translation likes this may require different SME’s such as translating product manuals for electronic devices like an Iphone or even a camera may be require an SME with this sort of experience while another skill set may be required for translating a document that describes the outcomes of trials of a medical device or drug. Technological advances are taking place all the time and an SME needs to keep a step ahead so that when handed a technical translation in his or her specialist area all the jargon used can be translated accurately.

Translation companies choose a team of SMEs

When a translation company is given a technical translation project to complete, it ensures that all parts of the project are covered by translators who are experts in the subject matter, even if it means dividing up the project between a number of different translators. The client wants an accurate translation and that is what is provided through the use of SMEs.

Published On: November 16th, 2020 / Categories: Blog /

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