Jobs with languages and linguistics careers

Foreign languages aren’t necessarily easy for everyone to learn but they can be very useful in a whole number of careers if you have had the perseverance to study and learn. Of course there are some people who are lucky to have been born into a bilingual family and are able seamlessly to move between different languages without any prompting. This sort of skill opens more career possibilities for those that make the grade. Multi-linguists are sought after for careers in interpreting, translating and as teachers. However, if your career is in finance, IT or law and you speak more than one language well, a vast range of openings are available to you.

Translation as a career

A translator’s job is to translate text from 1 language into another. This can cover quite a variety of things including websites, film subtitles, user manuals for a product, annual reports for businesses, birth certificates, legal documents, poems, songs and novels. One of the most important features that make a good translator is the ability to understand the culture of the people who speak the language that a source document needs to be translated into. As well as this important characteristic having specialised knowledge in certain subjects, gaining a translator qualification and joining a professional translator body all helps in applying for jobs with languages as a translator.
Many translators don’t directly work with a particular employer, but categorise themselves as self-employed and find clients themselves. There are sometimes jobs available in large translation companies or big corporations which have a demand for translators in a particular pair of languages.

Interpreters are needed around the world

Interpreting work is very important these days with the global movement of people. An interpreter may directly translate for someone in a trial or hospital situation. You will also find interpreters as multi-linguists at meetings and conferences throughout the world. Courts are common places where interpreters are invariably present.

Language training and teaching

When a specialist in two languages is found teaching either in a school or college it will be because he or she has passed competency exams in both teaching and a second language.

Linguistics careers

Linguists are trained to study the characteristics of a language. This includes such themes as syntax, phonetics, semantics and morphology of a language. People trained in linguistics careers are highly sought after and can be found in big companies, in linguistics careers are highly sought after and can be found in big companies, in universities and research institutes because they have gained a certain breed of linguistic intelligence which is not found easily.

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