Professional Translator, Passion for Translation

A professional translator career can be very rewarding as either a full-time job or to provide some extra money when required. Because it is a detail oriented job attention to detail is one of the skills a person who has a passion for translation pick up as they become more familiar with the job.  There is certainly more to a translation than just simply rendering a word for word translation. The translator has to recreate a text into another language while ensuring no meaning is lost in the process.

Many translation businesses and governments hire in-house translators so that they can provide translations at very short notice. However, a lot of translators work as freelancers which means they work independently from any ties with a company. This enables them to choose the hours they work and build up a reputation as a good, reliable translator. A fast and quality translation helps to ensure a professional translator stays in business and maintains a regular and firm customer base.

The majority of translators build up their reputation by specialising in a key field that they have considerable knowledge in. The kind of specialised translation work includes legal translations which comprise of such documents as contracts and patents. Commercial translation is another area of translation work which includes tender documents, business reports and company correspondence.

A translator who has a passion for translation will be eager to try more challenging texts like plays, poems, short stories and novels. This involves getting to grips with idiomatic language, metaphors and similes as well as the cultural message conveyed in the text.

Apart from the key job of translating there are other important areas in the translation industry including proofreading and editing. The people that undertake this type of task are in charge of ensuring the translation is of a high quality and will more than satisfy the client.

Localization and Professional Translation

Localization is growing so fast and involves adapting a product or service to a particular location so that it is accepted by the targeted customer. This could involve acting as a voice-over as well as translating websites and marketing materials.

Technology has altered the role of the professional translator because it requires that translators translate with the help of computerised tools. These days the majority of translators use translation memory and management software that helps with terminology and can be used for future translations. This helps to confirm that the terminology used is consistent across an industry.

Translation is a very rewarding career and most translators have developed exceptional ability as communicators.

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