Privacy Policy

X2Y Translations Australia Privacy Policy

The following privacy document is meant to explain the official Privacy Policy of X2Y Translations, a translation agency in Australia, and includes explanations concerning how and why X2Y Translations collects your private information, how it is used, and how and what kinds of control you can exert over the data/information we gather.

X2Y Translations, a translation agency in Australia, takes your privacy seriously, and we work to ensure that your private information is safe and protected in all dealings you have with us. We are also committed to complying with all Commonwealth laws governing how businesses can collect, use, view and distribute private information. We know your privacy is something you take seriously, and we mirror concerns about keeping your private and confidential information secure from inappropriate distribution and use.

X2Y Translations acts in accordance both with regulations found in the Privacy Amendment Act 2000, and with the 10 National Privacy Principles that control how organisations may collect, use, store and disclose personal and private information.

Collection of information

Some details disclosed by our customers, clients, independent contractors or third-party agents may contain personal and private information necessary for X2Y Translations, a translation agency in Australia, to conduct normal business and make our services available to customers. Such private information will only be collected if such collection serves one or more of these functions or services.

X2Y Translations, a translation agency in Australia, may collect personal or private information from individuals in a variety of different ways. The list below outlines situations in which private information may be collected by X2Y Translations:

Independent service providers or contractors may have to disclose private information to be used in the event of a medical emergency when at work on-site on the property of X2Y Translations.

Future employees and applicants seeking to work for X2Y Translations, a translation agency in Australia, may have to provide private information during the interview process.

Anyone who contacts X2Y Translations, a translation agency in Australia, may have private information they disclose recorded.

Clients and customers seeking services or goods from X2Y Translations, a translation agency in Australia, may be required to disclose private information (including name, address, email address, credit card or other payment details, and phone number).

Information necessary to collect pay and bill for services or goods provided by X2Y Translations, a translation agency in Australia, will be recorded. All financial information collected is protected and confidential. Credit or debit card information will be collected and used to ensure that funds are transferred properly, and that transactions are approved and completed appropriately.

X2Y Translations, a translation agency in Australia, will take reasonable steps to ensure that you are aware of the nature of our business, and that you are able to access information we have collected about you and the purpose for collecting such information, as well as the nature of the organisation or organisations that we may disclose such collected information to. X2Y Translations, a translation agency in Australia, will also reasonably seek to ensure that you understand laws that make the collection of your private information mandatory, as well as the consequences facing you should some or all of the necessary information fail to be collected.

Use of collected information and disclosure of personal information to others

X2Y Translations, a translation agency in Australia, is also permitted to use private and personal information about you in the following ways:

When you have consented to such usage or disclosure;

When such use or disclosure seems to be reasonably necessary to minimise or ward off a serious and looming threat to either an individual’s health or the health and safety of the public;

When we reasonably suspect or conclude that illegal activities may be being, are being, or will be conducted, and that such disclosure of your information to appropriate authorities is necessary for us to comply with relevant reporting laws or statutes;

When disclosing or making such information available is required by legally authorised bodies (i.e., in complying with a court order, warrant, subpoena or other legal process);

When we have concluded that the disclosure or usage of such information is reasonably necessary for complying with the law enforcement bodies engaged in investigating, prosecuting or deciding punishment or recompense for crimes committed; as well as for use by authorised individuals or bodies involved in the preparation for, or conduct of, any proceedings that come before a court, tribunal or other adjudicating body.


The website of X2Y Translations, a translation agency in Australia, may contain direct and indirect links to other websites that may collect your private information. X2Y Translations, a translation agency in Australia, is not responsible for, nor does it make any claims about, the privacy policies or information-collection practices of other websites, businesses, individuals or third parties linked to our website. X2Y Translations, a translation agency in Australia, strongly encourages all users of our website to pay attention to links that lead away from our site, and to always read and understand the privacy policies and information-collection practices of other websites.

Security and storage

X2Y Translations, a translation agency in Australia, understand the importance of keeping the information we collect safe for all our contractors, customers and clients. We keep in place security measures to minimise the likelihood of the misuse, alteration or loss of private and personal information we have collected.

Private information is securely destroyed or anonymised when it is no longer required to keep it, or it is no longer useful.

X2Y Translations, a translation agency in Australia, keeps information, including credit card information and contact information, on file to allow us to properly verify payment or other business transactions, and will keep records for accounting purposes and to satisfy legal requirements/purposes. This information will be housed in secured data servers in restricted facilities.

Only authorised users will be able to access the data stored on our servers, and only after providing approved username/password combination(s).

Neither X2Y Translations, a translation agency in Australia, nor any other website, can guarantee that all data transmitted via the Internet is completely secure. While X2Y Translations, a translation agency in Australia, takes every reasonable precaution to keep our users’ private and personal information secure, we cannot guarantee that any data/information sent to or from our servers is completely secure; and therefore, choosing to send or receive information to or from our website is done at your own risk. All information received by X2Y Translations, a translation agency in Australia, is protected by our security protocols and practices, as far as is reasonable.

Please understand that disclosing private information online (i.e. through email or IM communication) always carries a risk of it being collected and used by other websites or other users. If private information is posted online and made accessible to the public, you may subsequently receive unsolicited emails/messages or other forms of communication.

Please be responsible whenever you are on the Internet. The security of your information, passwords and/or account information is your sole responsibility.

Access to, and correction of, personal information

X2Y Translations, a translation agency in Australia, will make every reasonable effort to ensure that the information we keep on our clients, customers and website users is accurate, relevant, timely and appropriate. X2Y Translations will always allow you access to the private and personal information in our servers as long as such requests are made in accordance with National Privacy Principles.

Inaccurate or out-of-date information will be updated and/or corrected as soon as is reasonably possible after receiving notice that such information is incorrect. Updated details concerning private or personal information will only be passed on to you if we deem that such information does not conflict with other privacy or security concerns, and directly relates to you.

If we do not provide you access to, or agree to make corrections to, private information held by us, we will provide reasons for our actions.


If you have complaints, questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy (or other questions related to the collection, use and disposal of private information), please contact us via the contact form.

Complaints will be investigated, and we will attempt to correct any problems/breaches in the collection, use, destruction or disbursement of your private and personal information we have on file, in accordance with Commonwealth privacy statutes and laws. If you disagree with the conclusions/actions of these proceedings, you may lodge a complaint or submit a request with an independent agency or representative, such as a Commonwealth Privacy Official.

Transfer of information overseas

We may transfer private information we have collected about our users, including you, to someone other than you in a country other than Australia (i.e. foreign countries) according to applicable sections of the National Privacy Principles only in the following circumstances:

We have reason to believe that the person receiving such information is bound by law or other contract/agreement that treats the use, gathering, destruction and dissemination of information in ways very similar to the practices and standards set by the National Privacy Policies; or

You have given consent to such a transfer; or

Such a transfer is necessary to fulfil the conditions of a contract between you and us, or to successfully complete necessary pre-contractual steps as part of a request made by you, or on your behalf; or

The transfer is required to conclude or successfully execute a contract made between you and a third party; or

The transfer is beneficial to you;

Your consent is impractical and uneasy to obtain; and

You would be likely to give such consent if obtaining it were practical.

X2Y Translations, a translation agency in Australia, has taken reasonable steps to ensure that all information transferred will not be disclosed, used or held by the recipient in any way that is inconsistent with the practices and standards set and implied by the National Privacy Principles.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Should X2Y Translations, a translation agency in Australia, change the contents of this Privacy Policy, it will make every reasonable effort to post changes here as soon as such changes are made so that our users are kept up to date about how X2Y Translations collects information, how such collected information is used, and the ways in which such information may be used/disclosed. Please refer to this document regularly to ensure that you are aware of any changes or amendments to our Privacy Policy.

Contacting us

For more information about our Privacy Policy or other privacy/security concerns, please contact us with the contact information as given above. For more information about privacy legislation, please visit the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at