It’s nothing new to the multimedia market that using video marketing as a tactic is key to a business’s strategy. Many studies have offered proof that videos elevate the time spent by customers on web pages and as a result, the chance of purchasing a product is far higher.
However, localizing one’s business to international customers through the use of video promotional material means, in order to be successful, it needs to be translated into the targeted countries languages. Fortunately, video translation services for business are prolific now so a business can choose one that matches its requirements. It’s so easy to find translation services online as this is where this type of service advertises.
5 reasons to get your video translated as part of your business marketing strategy.

1. Reach A Larger Audience

Statistics indicate that video by 2020 will make up 82 percent of the total of global consumer internet usage. Added to that figure is the fact that internet usage is expected to grow by a billion users making it 4.1 billion. Unfortunately, despite this expected growth, this doesn’t mean users knowledge of other country’s languages will grow at the same rate. So as well as using video marketing materials businesses will need to use video translation services for business to kick-start their video presence.

2. Getting Ahead Of The Game

In order to truly maximize the potential of the sheer volume of humanity online, solely investing in video marketing won’t be enough. Your business will also have to incorporate video translation into its strategy by using video translation services for business.
Let’s say somebody doesn’t know your business so the person won’t know how to reach you especially if your site is just in English and the potential customer only speaks Spanish. Fortunately, YouTube corporate has recently introduced a translation tool that allows you to translate your own video titles and description so users can conduct a search for any video your business has uploaded to YouTube using their own native language. This is only the basic information about your video and once your video has been found the potential customer will need to understand it. You will increase the chance of a potential customer watching your video if you get a video translation services for business to produce a voice-over of the video in any language or languages of the audience you wish to target.

3. Videos Can Go Viral

92 percent of mobile video consumers usually share videos with other people like members of their family, friends and work colleagues. It could even become viral and spread far and wide but a video translation can help this video reach out to global markets.

4. Less Competition

Most businesses in your own area selling a similar product to yours will already be competing with you by showcasing their product by use of video. However, not all will have thought of using translation services online to get their video translated so this is where you are likely to face less competition.

5. Improved User Experience

Because video is far more visual the message about your product is clearer to see even such things as facial expressions convey something about your product.

How To Use Translation Services Online

Translating videos needs experienced translators in order to get the translation just right. It’s better to hire a professional video translation company so that your message comes across perfectly in your chosen languages.

Published On: November 16th, 2020 / Categories: Blog /

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