One of the great gifts of life is being able to learn a new language and once this has been achieved it opens new doors to communication. All you have to do is to make the decision to learn another language and then decide which one of the hundreds available you are going to choose. To make it even easier to make that decision which language to learn you could decide what country is your preferred holiday destination and that to learn another language will help you communicate with the people of that country. To learn something new on holiday can be very satisfying.

Learning French at Surf Camp in Biarritz

If you love surfing while learning a foreign language then foreign language education is available at a surf camp which is solar-powered where you stay in a farmhouse that’s 300 years old near Les Casernes beach, close to the city of Biarritz, This is one of a few French language learning holidays where language lessons are somewhat informal and involve 2 hour chats over a beer after surfing in the afternoon.

Learning the game of petanque with the locals in the town of Verdon, while undertaking a French immersion course, is one of the language learning holidays available.  You aren’t allowed to speak your native language at all and as well as taking part in various adventure activities like rafting, abseiling and kayaking, you watch French films as well.

Some people prefer a holiday that involves new food and drinks while combining foreign language education. There is no better way to learn something new on holiday than going to Bordeaux on a wine holiday. Here you will not only learn how to order wine but you will be taught how to describe and discuss the different tastes of the wine you drink. You will be involved in three sessions in the afternoon of 45 minutes each, where the main way used to learn different languages like French is to discuss Bordeaux wines.

Another language that can be learnt on language learning holidays is Spanish in the Pyrenees in Spain. It’s possible to mingle with local farmers, visit bars and restaurants and all side by side with Spanish language tutors who offer primary, intermediate and advanced conversations in Spanish. Staying in a homestay in popular Tenerife is a way of learning Spanish with a family while swimming or surfing in your spare time.

Published On: November 16th, 2020 / Categories: Blog /

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