How did your website do this Christmas?

Hopefully, you were well prepared before Christmas with all your products localised to fit your intended market. That means appropriate eCommerce translations of product descriptions, payment methods and delivery options and all translated perfectly with the culture of your customers taken into consideration as well.
You may have matched your targeted sales and are happy with the revenue you have gained but there is one downside to online shopping sprees over Christmas and that’s the volume of goods that are returned by unsatisfied customers.
eCommerce returns expected in January usually reach £1 billion in Britain, and treble that in the United States. The reasons given for this dissatisfaction is sometimes the product was never received, the products didn’t work at all or the appearance and function of the product wasn’t quite what the customer expected. As a business, you aren’t usually responsible for paying customers to return goods but you are responsible for processing the returned product and taking the appropriate action as soon as you receive it if that’s part of your terms and conditions agreement.

Translate your terms and conditions well in advance

So you don’t get lumbered with returns that you don’t allow, you should make sure your customers know in their language what your rules are before they purchase. If you didn’t get your eCommerce translation right in 2017 we are into a new year now so you can start thinking about that right now while you are untangling the mess created by all the products that have been returned but aren’t eligible for replacements.
You may not know this, but 58 percent of online shoppers in France are more likely to buy from an online retailer if the returns policy is clearly stated and they are happy with it. So you may have missed some opportunities this year if you had overlooked translating your returns policies into the languages of your potential customers.

Customer reviews are important at this time of year

As sales are bigger at Christmas than at any other time in the year, customer reviews are important as so many flows in at one time. You can take advantage of this and get the best reviews sent to your eCommerce translation company and put on your website as soon as possible. It might be quite a surprise to you but customers interested in purchasing your products do read customer reviews before releasing their cash. Interestingly 72% of all customers prefer to see customer reviews in their own mother tongue.

Published On: November 16th, 2020 / Categories: Blog /

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