There is a gap in the market for a really worthwhile translation app. By a translation app we mean one that taps into global interpretation services or translation services on demand. By a global translation app, we are not referring to one or another automated translation app such as Google Translate. These translation apps are certainly getting better but are not suitable beyond personal amateur use. They do not stand up to scrutiny when needed for anything of any real value or importance because they are consistently inaccurate and potentially dangerously so.

No, what we are referring to is an app that can connect you, the potential mobile client with a professional interpreter or translator on demand wherever you are irrespective of where you are, as long as you have a decent internet connection of course.

The idea would be for a translation app that is available for global business people, travellers or in fact anyone who is away from home yet needs a translation or interpreting task completed there and then. The app could be likened to an Uber of translation: versatile, economical and readily available.

Of course, as with any translation task, a mobile translation app would have to have a sophisticated support base. Translation tasks take many forms: they could be legal, business related, scientific, medical, or of a marketing nature. As with any professional translation task, there must be the translators somewhere in the world to provide the combination of skills needed: language pairing, task specific skills, editing and proofreading.

All of these translators and translation agencies already exist in real time. It’s just a question of making the connection when you are away from home. Just like the Uber app, a good translation app would provide details of available translators and interpreters close by or wherever they are based. The mobile client can then decide which translator or global interpretation service fits the requirements they have on hand and at a touch of a button connect these requirements to the translators or interpreters that seem to be most conveniently placed.

Published On: November 16th, 2020 / Categories: Blog /

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