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The translation industry is an ever changing industry where there is never a minute available to stand still and reflect. What has evolved in recent years are different types of translations which match the demand of the client that needs specialist translation services completed.

The different types of translations are:

Administrative Translation

This is a translation of texts used on a daily basis by a specific company which allows the business to operate smoothly.

Commercial Translation

Commercial translation, which is similar to business translation, is the translation of documents such as company accounts, letter, a business’s annual report and tender documents. This sort of translation services can only be done successfully by a translator who has a sound understanding of translating business language.

Computer Assisted Translation

This is the sort of translation you may get from one of the freely available online translation tools. Behind the outer face of the online translation tool is a software program which analyses text using its embedded tools and comes out with the equivalent of a paid translator which ensures the translation service is suitable and correct. What has been discovered by researchers is that it’s difficult to support a computer-assisted translation.

Free Translation Service

Free translation services are those that are often found online which can be used after the text has been copied and pasted and a translation is done. You can see quite easily yourself that this sort of method of translation is no substitute for a human translator.

Computer Translations

These are used when accompanied by software and additional instructions that help to get the best translation.

Financial Translations

These are conducted for the finance industry and include such things as stocks, investment funds and commodities. They should be conducted by a professional business translator.

General Translations

These are more basic translations where no experience is required of a specialist nature in order to do the translation. But even free online translation tools may not be able to handle these sorts of translations.

Legal Translations

These are particularly commonplace today as so much legal documentation needs to cross borders. To be effective, a professional legal translator is the only one suitable to undertake this task and the chosen translator needs to be conversant with legal terminology for both the target and source languages.

Literary Translations

There again there is far more to literary translations than simply word for word translations as the translator needs to have a high level of understanding of what the poet, author or playwright is trying to say so that the same message can be conveyed in another language.

Medical Translations

There is a huge range of medical translations. They can include anything from drug dosages and cautionary information about the use of a drug to descriptions of medical devices.

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