Need for document translation of confidential documents

There are times when your business may be dealing with clients abroad and confidential documents need to be both translated and exchanged. You don’t want your confidential document translation or source documents to get into the wrong hands. Document translation services recognize the need to keep your document translation confidential and most have foolproof ways of ensuring the information in your confidential documents is never leaked and passed into the wrong hands. A confidential document translation is easy to do as long as the document translation services have a procedure in force that demands that translators don’t breach the requirements to keep the document translation confidential.

How to send your confidential documents for translation

Confidential documents for translation require careful handling and that doesn’t always mean sending them by email if you want to be sure they aren’t viewed by others. A fast, secure, courier service, even if more costly than email, can deliver original documents to your chosen translation company quickly too.

A confidential translation of the documents can be completed and sent back to you by the same method. However, you don’t need to take this more traditional route to deliver your confidential documents for translation as these days most translation services take confidentiality seriously and they use secure document platforms for clients when they send and retrieve a confidential translate. They also use specialized encryption software that minimizes any risk of your confidential documents for translation ending up in the wrong hands.

The first thing they will do is discuss the matter with your IT division in your business so that any confidential documents for translation are sent via a secure platform, which is compatible with your business’s legal requirements. When the document arrives at the translation services email inbox any sensitive data will be immediately stored on its secure server.

Privacy for your document translation and why privacy matters for your document translation

Many businesses do translate content which is used for localization purposes and is not considered confidential. But there are some documents that you always want to keep in the hands of a select few because the information is not designed to be publicly available. You can take certain measures following discussions with your translator to make sure you get privacy for your document translation for both the source and translated documents. There are a number of key documents that you may need translated but a privacy translation is vital as you may only want to share the information with interested parties but you may like to keep them confidential such as those listed below:

  • Your business’s bylaws
  • Your meeting minutes. Most states also require corporations to document what happens at major meetings.
  • An operating agreement which covers the business’s financial and other decisions.
  • Non-disclosure agreements to cover customer lists, financial records, or even ideas for your business.
  • An employment agreement that lays out the obligations and expectations of your business for both you and your employees.
  • Your current business plan.
  • Your memorandum of understanding, which is a document that contains key conversations between you and suppliers and potential partnership you may have in mind.

If you are seeking privacy for your document translation you should talk to your translator first before forwarding any of your confidential documents.

How to protect document translation

Most translating services insist their translators have signed a non-disclosure document which means they are legally required to keep all your document translations safe so that they remain confidential. You can ask to see these documents before you release your documents either by email or courier to ensure you have some guarantee that the privacy of your documents is failsafe.

What translators do to protect your documents

The larger translation services work closely with their IT departments on confidentiality matters and they are quick to respond when alerted to any possibility of a data confidentiality breach. In addition, file transfers are when mistakes can be made but translation services ensure that they use the most current FTP protocols in order to provide sufficient safeguards when the transferring of documents is taking place to and from the respective servers.

This is what most translation services do to protect privacy for your document translation.

  • Access to any client data is limited only to certain users and parts of a department.
  • All of the clients’ data is access controlled and is held securely in a secure PM and ERM platform. Any access is restricted except to responsible project and account managers.
  • Monitoring of all systems for security violations.
    High-level data storage centers encompass seamless data storage and methods for disaster recovery.
  • All files are managed and stored in a specific delivery and storage workflow. If anything is delivered by encrypted email or FTP, the files are automatically erased following a PRESET timeframe.
  • Client data is kept for delivery purposes only on the delivery platform. All work is conducted on local servers that are secure.
  • FTP data exchange has SSL encryption, a personal email validation, and encryption if requested.
  • Accommodation for a client-specific data exchanging system.

In summary, most translation services only release documents for translation as required so documents whether document translations or source documents aren’t left lying around on translator’s desktops in a queue. For projects whether small or large only staff specifically involved in the translation process will have any access to information. They have all signed non-disclosure agreements so they will never be the source of any confidential breaches.

The best way to ensure the privacy of your documents when you need document translations to be shared with international personnel is to ensure you choose a good translation service that is prepared to openly share its confidential policy so that you are confident your documents are safe.

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