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Well known companies always trade on their brand name and this is often the standard bearer of their success. Over the years, a brand becomes so well known that its name is used to refer to a generic product, even when the original product has disappeared. For decades, an electric vacuum cleaner was called colloquially a “hoover,” simply because the Hoov... Read More

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How did your website do this Christmas? Hopefully, you were well prepared before Christmas with all your products localised to fit your intended market. That means appropriate eCommerce translations of product descriptions, payment methods and delivery options and all translated perfectly with the culture of your customers taken into consideration as well. ... Read More

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It’s been a decade or more since social media has been actively used as a marketing tool. These days, businesses can’t afford not to use such media as Twitter and Facebook to advertise their products. A difficulty has started to arise as marketers only try to focus on reaching out to their local audience and not a global one.Statistics back in 2014 revea... Read More

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Professional Translator, Passion for Translation A professional translator career can be very rewarding as either a full-time job or to provide some extra money when required. Because it is a detail oriented job attention to detail is one of the skills a person who has a passion for translation pick up as they become more familiar with the job.  There is... Read More