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Businesses are expanding their operations globally like never before and that means searching for ways of getting their message across as well as they can. Internationally oriented businesses by necessity must forge a strong relationship with the translation agency or face being beaten to the new markets they are trying to access by their competitors. It is... Read More

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Translation agencies have to be pretty adaptable. Sometimes it seems that they have to bend over backwards when clients appear to be constantly changing their requirements. How adaptable is your translation agency, or if you are a freelancer, how rigid are you and how far do you go to meet your client’s needs before getting exasperated? Just imagine, for ... Read More

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The International Data Corporation recently discovered that prolific internet users are 4 times more likely to buy a product from a site that they can understand in their own language. This is a great revelation as it now gives businesses the go ahead to start creating a multilingual website. There are a number of useful tips for creating a multilingual web... Read More

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Smart phones and tablets, both Android and Apple are loaded down with apps. New apps are appearing almost by the minute, while defunct ones die. The demand for mobile app localization has never been greater and unless something dramatically alters in the technological field, shows no sign of abating. App localization may be a growing field for translators b... Read More

Posted on Categories GeneralLeave a comment on Will Computers Make the Best Substitutes for Human Translators?

Most human translators aren’t opposed to technology and what it can do. They think that when it comes to the value of human v/s machine translation that they work together to achieve the best translation. However, to give a computer the full responsibility of translating a text as yet, the outcome is nowhere near as good. Machine translators translate word... Read More

Posted on Categories Translation FactsLeave a comment on Is Your Native Language All-Inclusive?

Most languages have a grammatical gender but English doesn’t. This makes languages that do have a grammatical more difficult to learn and more difficult to translate well. For example, when a person learns French as a 2nd language as an English speaker he or she has to learn how to use gender specific grammar and know the gender differences in translation.... Read More

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For several years higher education providers have gained from enrolling international students in their programmes as it provides a steady income. Students from around the world are in ever increasing numbers choosing to study and work overseas in order to take on other cultures and languages. A recent report concerning enrolments by international students ... Read More

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Jobs with languages and linguistics careers Foreign languages aren’t necessarily easy for everyone to learn but they can be very useful in a whole number of careers if you have had the perseverance to study and learn. Of course there are some people who are lucky to have been born into a bilingual family and are able seamlessly to move between different l... Read More

Posted on Categories GeneralTags , , , Leave a comment on Top Languages to Localize Your Iphone App and Get Revenue

If you are off on a world trip and you don’t have any good skills in the languages you are likely to encounter problems while communicating with the local residents, to avoid that it’s a good idea to go online with your smart phone and download an app that has all the languages. You will be able to refer to them quickly and speak and understand the lang... Read More

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Even with the rise of digitalisation it may have made some tasks faster, more accurate and less laborious but there still doesn’t seem to be enough time to complete everything. Adding 3 or more hours to the working day may help to clear inboxes, keep desks tidy and get everything else done that needs to be completed. However, there is still more that can b... Read More

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