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X2Y is a Brisbane-based start-up. Our mission is simple. We translate from X to Y. We believe that life is about simplification, and that our clients should spend more time on what they love doing.

“By streamlining the cumbersome process of getting a document translated, we give people back their time, and that’s what life is made up of.

A certified translation in Australia, commonly called a NAATI translation, used to be particularlydaunting, and is usually associated with numerous emails and phone calls.

Scrap emails. Scrap phone calls. Just X2Y your document. It’ll take you 2 minutes instead of 20. We believe in freedom, and we think people deserve more of it. That’s the vision we had when we developed our app:

  • Get an immediate quote online without providing your documents.
  • Place your order using credit cards.
  • It’s all done and dusted within 2 minutes
  • Both certified translations (NAATI) and professional translations are covered.

You think everything used to be better? Not true here. X2Y is so easy to use, you will never want to go back to old days. As a tech-driven start-up, we’re obsessed with the developement of smooth processes, and with continuously improving them.

What’s more, all that technology is backed by a substantial team of experienced translation project managers who know the ins and outs of the industry. When technology meets experience, big things happen. Welcome to X2Y.