Thanks largely to the internet, small businesses have an easier time these days marketing their products and services. Because the internet is global in its reach, small businesses are no longer confined to a small home market. The only obstacle is the language barrier once the object is to sell products to a market where the language is different. Research has proven time and time again that even multilingual customers prefer to browse and use websites that are available in their own native language.

For small businesses, then, which have discovered a potential lucrative overseas market for their goods, the question of translation arises. Smart businesses seize the opportunity and don’t balk at the extra cost of translation. A well translated web page or website which can communicate a product worth buying to a new market can readily pay back the cost of translation many times over.

Small business translation needs don’t just stop at marketing translation needs. The business may need to translate manuals and instructions if it is a manufacturer of a new product. There may be important technical information which must be translated accurately if the product is to be used correctly and in safety.

The business will also need to ensure that financial transactions and product after sales support are available in the target languages.
Small businesses that search for and establish good working relationship with translation services for their particular business needs have a good chance of getting ahead of their competitors, who may be more reluctant to expand overseas or be reluctant to invest in translation services.

The importance of using professional translators to translate small business marketing and communication requirements cannot be stressed enough. Take the example of the Chinese mega online sales companies, AliBaba and Ali Express, for instance. When these businesses first started up, they were certainly small scale. The potential value of being able to sell goods all around the world was enough to convince the people behind the businesses to stress the importance of good communication. Early attempts led to some dreadful mistakes being made, but the lesson was soon learned and now website information and personalized communication is, if not perfect, very good. If a small Chinese business understood early on just why professional translation services and effective communication across language barriers was so important then so can any small business anywhere around our increasingly small world!

Published On: November 16th, 2020 / Categories: Blog /

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