Sales brochures may seem a bit old fashioned these days when everything seems to have moved to an online presence, but in fact there is still an important role for sales brochures to play. Brochures can display how good your product or service is in places where online marketing is not practicable or possible. Stores often have sales brochures available in strategic places which describe and advertise products that are for sale without a sales assistant having to corner a potential customer and waste time doing what the brochure can do. Many customers actually prefer sales brochures rather than being pestered by sales assistants or having to search for a product online.

For sales brochures to be effective in a multilingual or bilingual area, it is important that the brochures are available in more than the one language. This is as true for residents of a country whose preference is to communicate and read information in their own language rather than the official language as it is for visitors and tourists who are searching for things to spend their money on. Translation in brochures may seem an extravagance, but how else do you think you are going to get your message across when a good slice of the potential market doesn’t speak your preferred language?

If translation in brochures is one way to make your sales brochures more effective, here are four other ways. Use quality paper and make your brochures substantial. This will give the impression that whatever it is that you are selling is also of good quality.

Make sure that you keep your message straightforward and easy to read. This means that you should have done some work on who your intended market is. What age are they? Are your products more attractive to a particular gender? Does your intended market use a particular dialect which is more familiar to them? Is there any language or concepts that might be offensive to the market you are trying to attract? All these questions are just as important to convey to the translator who will translate your brochures. Making translations relevant to a specific group of people is known as localisation.

Give your sales brochures, and the translation in the brochures, emotional significance. People often buy things based on their emotional feeling towards them. A product or service that tugs at their heart strings because of the language or graphics used is going to sell better than one that has no emotional pull.

Stress the benefits of the product or service you are selling rather than get bogged down in detail. Most people are less interested in masses of technical detail they are not familiar with and just want to know that they will be buying something they really want.

Published On: November 16th, 2020 / Categories: Blog /

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